How does Panacea work?

1. Rich data helps you make better choices and manage projects more efficiently: Panacea coordinates the charging rates of multiple suppliers, it helps you schedule your workload and monitor time spent, it keeps track of every purchase made, and it gives a complete audit trail of every stage in every job so any issues can be rapidly resolved.

2. Better management of client and supplier relationships reduces costs and raises quality: Panacea avoids time-consuming quote comparisons and price negotiations, it streamlines estimating, ordering and production management, making the process much more efficient and transparent for you and your suppliers and it tracks feedback so you can gauge satisfaction.

3. Expert software lets you control everything through an easy-to-use online dashboard: Panacea software has been created working closely with those who use it, it manages a complex mix of data and relationships through a simple interface, it anticipates every aspect of production, and it gives you a host of tools to track progress and success.

The value that Panacea creates lies in the interplay between these three elements. We’ve used our experience of managing marketing, design and print activity, coupled with the experience of our users, to identify where hidden costs lurk and where inefficiencies lie and fine-tune a software solution to tackle them. 

So how does this help me:

Saves you money - Every Panacea customer reports rapid cost savings that typically range from 50-70%.

Saves you time - Our users tell us that our software allows them to manage up to 50% more activity without the need for more time or additional staff.

Improves your performance - Our users report satisfaction among their client increasing by 66% as a result of using our software.

Panacea is the only software on the market that provides a comprehensive solution for every aspect of marketing and communications production.

Moreover, unlike many software packages, Panacea is totally adaptable. It mirrors the working practices of your organisation, whether you’re a sole-trader, a public sector body or a major corporation. Vitally, we don’t expect you to make major changes in your infrastructure or working practices. Instead, our aim is simply to automate familiar, day-to-day tasks, supplemented with improved market data and assessment tools

Build your own Panacea Software using these modules