Account Managers

Software to streamline processes and help you control all aspects of your workflow from conception to delivery and payment

Our award-winning software has been developed specifically to allow account managers to improve margins, gain immediate and valuable efficiencies and secure long-term customer loyalty.  The software streamlines and automates time-consuming administrative tasks, estimating and project management processes to allow an exceptional level of client service.


Panacea provides everything you need to stay in control at every stage of each project, from initial request right through to delivery and charging, no matter how many clients or colleagues you support.  Use Panacea to schedule, plan and prioritise your team’s work, monitor progress and provide your clients with online access to fulfil their part of the work.  Panacea offers a variety of performance and management reports.

Panacea Software is the ideal solution for teams with limited time and resources responsible for complex projects or a high volume of work for a number of clients or colleagues, providing communications, marketing, design, print, translation and interpreting, research and other specialist services.

You can select the Panacea Software module(s) you need to automate project management for a single aspect of your work or choose a package of features to create a full service management solution. For example, some of our clients use our software simply to automate one time-consuming aspect of their work (e.g. artwork templates; or contract management, or purchase-to-pay and e-invoicing), while others use Panacea to automate their full-service. Whatever package you opt for, Panacea Software will free up the time you need to fulfil your work priorities and improve your performance, while you enjoy the same valuable time and cost savings reported by all our users.


  • e-Catalogue with client portal allows simple, secure access to services and supplies
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Track expenditure and income (forecast and actual) against budget
  • Clear documentation, approvals and audit trails
  • Automate low-value reactive and administrative work
  • Resource management, task allocation, time management
  • Real-time management reporting, benchmarking and performance monitoring
  • Interface with finance systems as required


  • Save time with effective planning, workflow, administration and transactional processes.
  • Increase productivity with supported self-service options, efficient planning and time management.
  • Avoid duplication of effort and share assets with intuitive collaboration features, with your team, internal services and external suppliers
  • Track use of service and monitor performance against KPIs
  • Make cashable cost savings with highly competitive automated supplier estimating
  • Generate income and increase operating margins on your services
  • Support remote working with 24 hour access for all users