Asset Manager

Control, manage and keep track of your Digital Assets

Panacea Software's easy-to-use Digital Asset Management module allows organizations to control, share and ensure best use of digital assets. With automated and qualitative checks, Panacea allows you to import, approve and share assets with users within and outside your organization, whilst keeping a clear audit trail and a central repository. 


Panacea Software streamlines the asset management process to minimise the inherent time and cost of creating and managing an effective image/ asset library. As well as being able to control the use and quality of your assets, you can also boost productivity by allowing people to self serve.


  • Comprehensive search by key word, tag, title, date, description, etc.

  • Prevent storage of duplicate assets (e.g. photographs)

  • Enable managers to control permissions, parameters, usage rights, etc.

  • Manage and ensure appropriate asset approvals

  • Intuitive, user-friendly image library interface, including Lightbox function

  • Option to offer branded templates for artwork, print, digital and email

  • Seamless interface with other Panacea Software modules for optimum efficiency

  • Collaboration between asset managers, importers and users through simple shared workflow


  • Control, manage and track your digital assets

  • Capitalise on investment and enable optimum use of your assets

  • Automate low-value reactive and administrative work

  • Increase productivity, allow self-service while maintaining control of corporate brand

  • Avoid duplication of effort and share assets with intuitive collaboration features

  • Improve reputation, generate income and increase operating margins

  • Support remote working with 24 hour access for all users

  • Enjoy cost savings and efficiencies reported by Panacea Software subscribers


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Import assets on Panacea Software within a few seconds

Control asset settings and define permissions for use

Use and share assets with your colleagues using an intuitive online interface

Adding categories and tags

Approving assets