Panacea Software subscribers include public and private sector organisations of all shapes and sizes.  Click on the logos to hear what they have to say.


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South bank University
Beverly Barker, Lecturer in Advertising & Digital Marketing


“There must be few organisations that can afford to ignore this product, especially given the current economic climate.”


Haringey Council

Lesley Gordon, Head of Marketing

"I can honestly say that Panacea exceeded my expectations. My department is responsible for all of the Council’s marketing, communications, design and print and, within the first four months of using Panacea we saved the Council almost £400K (55%) on year on year - whilst producing twice as many projects,. The software provides invaluable management information and automates most of our administrative workload. This has allowed us to focus on the quality of our work and 94% of clients providing feedback since we introduced Panacea now rate our service as good/excellent."

Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Rob Berry, Communications Officer

"I was reluctant to change processes at first, however, I have found the Panacea software really easy to use. Being able to compare competitive supplier quotes on Panacea is definitely saving us a lot of time and has helped towards cutting our print costs.”

Camden Council

Ros Daniel, Creative Services Manager

"Camden Council has used Panacea to manage its design and print since 2005. “My small team acts as the gateway for all design and print required by the Council,” explained Ros Daniel, Design, Print and Copy Manager. “With the automated processes for project management and procurement within Panacea’s software we can provide an excellent service across the vast number and variety of jobs we produce, while providing comprehensive management information and meeting our strategic procurement guidelines. With Panacea we cut the Council’s annual expenditure on this work by 48%.”


Bolton Council

Karen Johnston, Consultation and Communications Manager

“Introducing the Panacea software in Bolton was fundamental to achieving budget savings and implementing new ways of working.  It has enabled us to manage marketing and communications projects more easily between staff, reduce duplication and provide a clear audit trail.

As we already had a framework (approved list) for suppliers of these services I didn’t expect our costs to reduce significantly – but they have.  It’s good to know that Panacea has facilitated even better value for money for our clients.

Working with the skilled and professional team at Panacea has been a great experience.  With their support the system was implemented smoothly and we were quickly up and running.  I’ve found them to be open to our feedback and keen to use it to develop the system further.”


Islington Council

Lynn Stratton, Deputy Head of Communications (Marketing)

“Last financial year we assumed responsibility for housing communications when the service was brought back in-house, for Public Health (which is also jointly provided with Camden) and completely changed our design procurement process on top. 

This was all achieved against a backdrop of deep cuts and reduced staff numbers. Up until the introduction of Panacea we employed someone in finance to manage internal transfers for print costs. We now let Panacea take care of all financial monitoring for us. Our figures are more transparent than they have ever been. We worked with key clients around the organisation to develop the customisation artwork templates on Panacea. Colleagues in Greenspace have practically standardised their events flyers and posters on the software (they all used to go to an external designer before). There is a growing appetite for the templates around the council and we are looking to move more this way. We are looking to make further savings by driving more internal traffic to our print team and away from shared photocopiers and Panacea will be crucial for supporting that work.”


Kent County Council

Kelly Law, Communications and Engagement

“Our team provides a full comms service to the council, including marketing, digital, design, print and brand management. We implemented Panacea Software this financial year to create a truly collaborative way of working with our colleagues and our suppliers, to automate our administration and financial processes and to make our service more efficient.

We are very proud of the excellent approval ratings we have achieved and are delighted to have saved the council so much money already. With Panacea we have invaluable management information and I don’t think we could manage the volume and range of work we produce without it.”


Birmingham City Council

Ben Murphy, Corporate Communications

“We have been using Panacea for 18 months, and it has allowed us to better manage the very busy workload of a team of 12 people. We have also been able to reduce the amount of management and administration time associated with staff capacity, internal and external charging and financial monitoring. When we introduced Panacea, the support team were on hand to help us understand the new system, refine our existing work processes and integrate the system into how we work.”


Merton Council

Sophie Poole, Head of Communications

"We have used Panacea Software to automate most of the work involved in design management and to provide artwork templates to our colleagues to support our corporate brand. In this way we have clearer management information on these services and are able to allocate money and resources more efficiently”



Carlton Wood, Print, Mail and Scanning Manager

“I would recommend Panacea to any print room or print management team facing the difficult task of managing a high volume of work while needing to reduce its costs and improve its services.I don’t think there is any other software which allows you to purchase print so effectively within OJEU procurement guidelines. Panacea has made enough savings to pay for itself many times over, and helps us to suppoprt many of the Council’s objectives.”


Luton Borough Council

Rob Leigh, Communications &  Engagement Strategy Manager

“When the sole supplier responsible for our design and print services withdrew from their contract at short notice, we implemented Panacea Software to automate the workflow we had relied on that supplier to fulfil. This included estimating, quality controls, supplier management and financial reporting.  This allowed us to manage a relatively painless and rapid transfer of these services in-house with no increased staffing levels.”


Nick Prater, Design and Print Buyer 

"Panacea has passed all expectations as a Print Management portal and we are now looking into how to use this tailored to each department as a buying portal for other products. Its flexibility is astounding, the possibility's endless, the result, making the tax payers money go further by being proficient in buying goods and services."

Lancashire Care NHS Foundation

Bev Pickover, Head of Communications

“We have a small team managing a huge work load, so we decided to use Panacea Software to create an efficient workflow in order to find enough time to focus on delivering our key priorities.  The software will also help us to embed and support the Trust’s brand identity as well as enabling our colleagues to self-serve more.  We will use Panacea to provide efficiencies and cost savings for the Trust.”

City of Westminster Council

Chris Bicker, Creative Design Project Manager

“Panacea Software allows us to keep on top of the huge volume and range of Graphic Design services which our small team provides for several councils. By automating the administration required for the complex processes involved in supporting local authorities, we are able to ensure we provide the best value service possible. We use the software to maintain a clear overview of all our work allowing us to analyse and evaluate performance data, monitor tasks and timelines and ensure we provide a consistently high level of service to all our clients. I am delighted that 94% of our clients rate both our creativity and account management as good or excellent.”

The Health Club Collection

Ian Hassett, Group Sales, & Marketing Manager

“With Panacea I have seen a definite improvement in the planning, management and implementation of projects. Where I have been very surprised is the savings which I didn’t believe were possible. I am saving an average of 30%-40% on each job when compared with previous costs. As a small business I never believed I would make the savings I am making.”


Buckinghamshire County Council

Kim Parfitt, Communications Strategy & Planning Manager

“Replacing one supplier based on site for print and design with an Approved Supplier List with companies dotted all other the country was always going to be a challenge. Panacea allows us to manage our suppliers whilst also getting us the most competitive prices and with the invoicing compatible with SAP, it has also allowed us to do away with paper invoices, making payment slicker and easier.”

The Queen's Club

Anthony Wagstaff, Communications & Membership Manager

“Panacea has reduced our print costs by an average of 54%, and by more than 80% on some jobs, without compromising on the high quality of communications materials our members expect.”


Wandsworth Council

Joanna Kettle, Communications Business Manager

“Facing a departmental restructure, we used Panacea Software to help streamline the way we provide our services to our internal and external colleagues, the council and clients in partnership organisations. This has allowed us to deliver significant financial savings for Wandsworth.

Through the software, we are able to monitor and audit all our marketing, design and print services. It automatically creates competitive price estimates from our framework suppliers and in-house services and ensures we meet our income targets while achieving best value for our residents.”


London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

Louise Raisey, Head of Communications

“Using Panacea we have improved the quality and auditing of our marketing management information. We have created a single, shared process across two boroughs to streamline disparate systems and create efficiencies. In this way our marketing, design and print services operate as an efficient business, and we are able to provide a valuable service to our own council as well as our colleagues in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.”


Tower Hamlets

John Hoang, Marketing Communications Manager

We purchased Panacea Software to create a dynamic design and print management process and to ensure we were getting best value from our suppliers.  We are very pleased to have made significant cost savings for the council, but equally importantly we now have a more effective workflow, which has made our service more efficient and more capable of adapting to change."

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Clear Communications

Sean Ryan, Managing Director

“Our well-established agency supplies interpreters to councils and NHS authorities throughout Greater London at extremely competitive rates, using Panacea Software to underpin our efficient and reliable service.”


Portsmouth City Council

Lucy Elliott, Marketing Manager

"The benefit of visibility and central decision-making cannot be overstated. At Portsmouth City Council, we have a centralised marketing and communications team – in the past it has been difficult to maintain an oversight of the marketing, advertising and print activity of the services we support. By providing a platform through which all jobs are approved centrally, it enables our communications and marketing specialists to advise services on how to get the best results for their budget – as well as being a valuable tool for monitoring brand guideline adherence, artwork version control and proof approval.”

Blackburn with Darwen

Blackburn with Darwen Council

Andrea Sturgess, Corporate Communications Manager

"Panacea Software has created a simple, shared process to manage our print and design services which officers throughout the council were previously buying independently.  For the first time we have accurate management information on the corporate use of these services and we are very pleased that the procurement team’s benchmarking data shows that we are also delivering valuable savings for the council. "

Derbyshire County Council

Steve Harrison, Business Centre Manager

“By implementing Panacea Software we have created a simple, shared workflow for all design and print to make these services more efficient and a more productive use of in-house resources. By doing this we ensure better use of the expertise and facilities in our print unit.  Streamlining our processes has eliminated replication of data input and my team now spend less time on administration, so reducing corporate expenditure.

The software provides instant and comprehensive management reports to support and inform effective management decisions and respond to supplier challenge and FOI requests.”