Digtial asset management

Allow an unlimited number of users to import, access and use images and digital assets according to appropriate controls, checks and approvals.

Enable nominated users to set appropriate controls and manage the parameters and permissions. Tag categories and usage rights etc. to be confirmed on import and/or on approval of assets.

A comprehensive search function allows you to search by key word, tag, title, description, date and so on, with appropriate restrictions, such as excluding assets which are expired or not permitted for use by the logged in user.

You have the option to apply valid a date(s) function , to prevent access to assets before a permitted date or after expiry.  

You can allow approved users to review and reinstate expired assets where applicable, as well as ensure asset approval by appropriate users is confirmed before inclusion in the library.

 You can also identify and prevent inclusion of duplicate imports (for example, photographs imported more than once).

There's also a  Lightbox/board function to allow users to create and store list(s) of assets in appropriate folders for reference or use at a later date.