Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

A highly automated, flexible purchasing system that gives you control over the entire process from supplier selection through to evaluation and review

Panacea Software provides a fully integrated e-procurement system for any goods and services, whether using a preferred supplier list, a framework contract, a dynamic purchasing system or simply spot buying.  Whatever the volume or range of services purchased, Panacea Software ensures you achieve:

  • best value – with all our clients reporting a 35-72% reduction in the price paid for goods and services purchased through Panacea Software
  • time savings - our clients report an average 53% increase in productivity using Panacea Software, saving time for buyers, evaluators and suppliers alike
  • improved performance – our clients report an average 66% improvement in satisfaction ratings from their colleagues and clients using Panacea Software.

How it works


Dynamic Purchasing System in Seven Simple Steps

Manage your Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) on Panacea Software in compliance with EU procurement guidelines:

1.    Selection criteria:

Build a questionnaire on Panacea Software that includes all your selection criteria: 

a.    Include specific questions for each lot or category if appropriate.
b.    Automate scoring and weighting of specific questions as appropriate.
c.    Use expiry date to prompt successful suppliers to replace expired documents. 


2. Call for competition:

Publish contract notices (or a prior information notice with an invitation to confirm interest), allowing at least 30 days for receipt of requests to participate.

a. Describe the nature, scope and award criteria for the contract, including any categories or lots.
b. Indicate the period for which the DPS will be valid and confirm that it will remain open for requests to participate throughout this period.
c. Link to Panacea Software for requests to participate and for guidance.
d. Confirm that the procurement documents will be available online as long as the DPS is valid and there will be no charge for participation.

3. Requests to participate: 

Suppliers click on the link taking them to Panacea Software to complete the selection questionnaire(s) for the relevant contract.  This and the following steps remain open to interested suppliers as long as the DPS is valid.


4. Evaluation: 

The officer(s) responsible for evaluation will be prompted to review and score a supplier’s response on Panacea Software within 10 business days of receipt. Scoring can be automatically applied where relevant. Evaluation history is recorded on Panacea Software for audit.

NB:  In line with DPS guidelines, if required, evaluating officer(s) can extend this period to 15 business days for specific suppliers, recording their justification for such an extension on Panacea Software.

5. Supplier selection: 

Officer(s) score and approve or reject an application in accordance with the selection criteria and lots or work categories as appropriate.


6. Tendering and award:

Selected suppliers will be invited to enter their pricing on Panacea Software for the services they offer. Suppliers are considered for each individual item or service purchased within the category(s) or lot(s) for which they have been approved. Automated competitive tenders and quotation requests on Panacea Software ensure equal opportunity for all suppliers:


7. Audit and review: 

Panacea Software automatically records every stage of this process for evaluation, audit and review.


The Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is a procurement procedure available to public sector organisations for commonly available works, services and goods. The DPS is similar to a framework agreement, except it is quicker and simpler for both the buyers and the suppliers, and it allows new suppliers to join at any time.

The DPS is a restricted procedure.  As such, selection criteria must be specified and interested suppliers invited to complete a questionnaire allowing evaluation against these criteria. All suppliers who satisfy the selection criteria should be shortlisted and all shortlisted suppliers should be invited to tender for the contract(s). 

The features specific to a DPS are set out in Regulation 34 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015. This specifies that:

  • it must be operated as a completely electronic process
  • any supplier who satisfies the selection criteria can join at any point while it is valid
  • there is no limit to the number of suppliers admitted to the DPS.


  • End-to-end Dynamic Purchasing System for any number of contracts
  • Standard questionnaire, contract-specific questionnaires or PQQ compliant workflow and scoring
  • Automated and qualitative scoring - qualification by lot or category
  • e-Catalogue, client portal, gives simple, secure access to services and supplies
  • Simple shared workflow for colleagues, clients and suppliers
  • Instant competitive quotes, mini-tenders, budgeting and client estimates
  • Processes for supplier selection, call off and ordering comply with government and EU guidelines
  • Clear audit-trails and real-time reporting
  • Track use of service and monitor performance against KPIs
  • Option to include delivery confirmation, goods receipt notification and e-invoicing
  • Option to integrate with finance systems


  • Comprehensive, end-to-end paperless system for your contract management
  • Intuitive, transparent, compliant workflow
  • Automated workflow to save buyers and suppliers time
  • Cashable cost savings with highly-competitive automated supplier estimating
  • Detailed contract management, supply-chain management and performance management
  • Increased productivity through supported self-service, efficient procurement and resource management
  • Support remote working with 24 hour access for all users
  • Panacea Software users report 80% reduction in administration time
  • Improved service reputation