Panacea seeks to ensure that all its activities comply fully with relevant environmental legislation, the requirements of ISO 14001 and perceived best practice. Panacea strives for continual improvement of its environmental management procedures.

Panacea's Responsibilities.

Panacea will:

  1. Raise staff awareness of environmental issues and promote individual good practice.

  2. Identify opportunities to reduce any environmental impact of its activities at an early stage and adopt these changes where appropriate.

  3. Require its suppliers to provide goods and services with the minimum adverse environmental impact, and give preference to environmentally aware suppliers whenever possible.

  4. Ensure that it purchases services, goods and materials which comply fully with recognised environmental best practice.

  5. Understand the sensitivities of its customers, including the pressures of growing and changing statutory and public concern about environmental issues, and assist them in complying with environmental best practice.

  6. Make efficient and environmentally responsible use of energy, water and other natural resources.

  7. Take all reasonable steps to prevent pollution of both its local and wider environments.

  8. Employ sound waste management practices.

  9. Develop and maintain emergency procedures to deal effectively with any significant environmental hazards which may arise as a result of its activities.