Haringey Council's marketing communications team saved £2.1M

In 2010-11, Haringey Council’s marketing communications design & print team (MCDP) undertook an ambitious programme to change the way the council plans and fulfils its marketing communications. The result has created an annual saving to Haringey Council of £2.1 million on its marketing, design and print activity, representing a reduction in marketing spend of 76%.

An initial review identified the following issues as targets for improvement:

  • fragmented, inefficient and labour-intensive systems and working processes
  • a large volume of poorly briefed, unplanned and urgent work
  • high cost of in-house and out-sourced design and print
  • poor reputation of marketing communications services within the organisation.

To meet these targets, Haringey Council implemented Panacea Software to cut costs, ensure efficiencies and free up the skilled MCDP staff to take a strategic lead in improving the council’s marketing communications.


During the same period, separate savings targets were met by reducing the MCDP team from 13 staff to seven. Haringey also used Panacea Software to automate the management of language services to meet continuing high demand, while their translation and interpreting team of five was reduced to just two staff.

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Panacea Software allows us to make informed decisions, frees up our time to plan marketing activity proactively and has cut the prices we pay for our services by 55-70%.
— Lesley Gordon, Head of Marketing, Haringey Council

New purchase-to-pay process makes savings for Haringey Council


In 2016, Haringey Council’s marketing communications team initiated a project
to cut the time and cost of processing supplier payments, minimise risk in this
complex, repetitive process and to enhance satisfaction of their clients and
SME suppliers.Haringey Council’s Marketing Communications Team set out to cut the time and cost of processing supplier payments, in order to find efficiencies, minimise risk and enhance client and supplier satisfaction in relation to this complex process.

The invoice payment process in 2015-16 involved:

  • 5,536 invoices processed for payment of 9,076 orders
  • £39,900 in staffing costs (hourly rates: £19.25 for officers and £46.84 for managers and approvers)
  • This time-consuming process was complex for suppliers, resulting in slow
    (sometimes late) payment of undisputed invoices.

They did this by streamlining and simplifying the invoicing and supplier payment process by using Panacea Software’s P2P workflow. Suppliers submit e-invoices against approved, receipted orders, and automated batch files are generated for import to the finance system.

Operational & Service Benefits

  • Much simpler, online process that created value in terms of time and money for
    all parties
  • 5,601 invoices checked, reconciled with 6,636 orders and paid
  • Prompt (5-10 day payment) on 95% of undisputed invoices
  • 100% customers rated the team’s Job Management as Good/Excellent100% Excellent or Good ratings from the team’s clients

Finance and Efficiency Benefits

  1. Saved time: 80% reduction in administration time, allowing our skilled staff to
    focus on meeting core priorities and delivering exceptional customer service:

Sand timer.PNG

2. Saved money:

  • Eliminated processing fees from third party provider previously required to
    support the process
  • £41,774 saved in staffing costs for this process
  • Value for money - net cost savings achieved (excluding time saved for staff):

+ Corporate saving for processing fees not chargeable for 5,601 invoices

Piggy bank.PNG

3. Created a robust electronic process with system-integrated checks, preventing payment of unauthorised, disputed or incorrect invoices

4. Reduced administrative, staff overhead and outlay for invoice payment, allowing the team to employ businesses of all sizes

5. Transactional costs carried by the council and its suppliers minimised by the new paperless process

6. Enabling SMEs to compete for the services procured by their team (Government’s procurement policy)

7. Automatically pay undisputed invoices within 5-10 working days (Government’s Prompt Payment policy)

The process to manage invoice payments was cumbersome and costly in terms of time and money, given the vast volume of transactions required to fulfil these services. We now have an automated process integrating with our workflow provided by Panacea Software, which has cut administration time by 80% whilst improving customer service.
— Vij Taylor, Operations Marketing Officer, Haringey Council
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