Luton Borough Council creates effective workflow and halves its design and print bill

In January 2014, the sole supplier contract for Luton Borough Council’s design and print services was terminated at short notice. With an urgent need to avoid any gap in service, Luton quickly implemented Panacea Software to fulfil the services the sole supplier had provided.

New process implemented in just four weeks:


The software’s automated transaction processes for purchasing, payment and charging were tailored to interface with Luton’s finance systems and to save time for all parties.

When the sole supplier responsible for our design and print services withdrew from their contract at short notice, we implemented Panacea Software to automate the workflow we had relied upon that supplier to fulfil.  This included estimating, quality control, supplier management and financial reporting.  Panacea allowed us to manage a relatively painless and rapid transfer of these services to local and national suppliers, with no increased staffing levels.
— Rob Leigh, Communications & Engagement Strategy Manager, Luton Borough Council

Responsibility for the council’s design and print requirements fell to just one member of their already stretched communications team, saving the council £132K per annum when compared to the price paid to the sole supplier to manage this work.

By directly engaging local and national design and print suppliers through automated pricing and selection processes, this one-man-band has further reduced the prices the council pays for this work by 43%, when compared to the rates charged by the sole supplier.

Panacea has passed all expectations as a Print Management system, and we are now looking into how to use this tailored to each department as a buying portal for other products. Its flexibility is astounding, the possibilities endless, the result making the tax-payers’ money go further by being proficient in buying goods and services.
Huge savings were made by simply using the price matrices for all of our printers’ prices, enabling us to save time on enquires and quotes as Panacea made this instant.
This achievement would not have been possible without the professional guidance and continued support from the Panacea Team.
— Nick Prater, Design & Print Management Service, Luton Borough Council

Examples of Luton's branded artwork templates

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