The immense benefits of Automated Price Estimating

Price estimating is a feature that holds a variety of benefits to organisations. It is critical to know the likely cost of a job (be it a product or service) before starting it. An estimate involves careful analysis of various elements, therefore requiring a lot of time and effort. One of the most efficient ways to manage this process is Automated Price Estimating.

Primarily, automated estimation saves people time and effort by completing price calculations within a fraction of a second.

When estimators provide prices from multiple suppliers, it allows you to compare prices and therefore save money on what you are ordering every time. It is often the case that we order items from suppliers by calling up or emailing what we deem to be the easiest option. Estimators can eliminate this habit by showing you the cheapest option, without the need for repetitive follow-up.

And instead of ordering all your items from the same place, you can choose the cheapest supplier for each item, which saves organisations a bundle in the long run.

Using Panacea software’s price estimating feature, Haringey Council saw a 55% drop in print prices paid for print services purchased from the same framework of suppliers as was used before implementing the software.

Panacea Software allows us to make informed decisions, frees up our time to plan marketing activity proactively and has cut the prices we pay for our services by 55-70%.
— Lesley Gordon, Head of Marketing,  Haringey Council

Click here to read Haringey Council’s case study.

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