Feedback Automation – Why you can’t afford to miss it!

Everyone knows what feedback is and most organisations try and implement it in some way or another. Our earlier blog post talked about various methods of collecting feedback, starting from simple telephone calls to online slider bars.

The real challenge is, of course, how to collect feedback! We believe the best and most efficient way of doing this is to automate the process. Here's why:


Reduce admin, free up time for income-generating activities:


Most organisations are limited by resources (time and staff). You are most probably not going to hire a person just to manage the feedback process. So, the answer is simple - automate feedback. This will immediately reduce administrative costs and the time involved in collecting and assimilating the data as well. Quite interestingly, our recent Survey on how Public Sector comms teams are managing in the current economic climate revealed the same trend - teams are looking to reduce admin tasks and create time for value generating activities.


BAU, not an additional task or chore!

The single most critical element of collecting feedback is this: it must be ingrained into your BAU sales or operational processes.


The process will be much more effective if it is not seen by your teams, as if it was an 'additional chore'.


For e.g., when you deliver or complete an order, instantly send your client a feedback request. That way, feedback is collected regularly and doesn't become a massive task at the end of a quarter or any fixed period of time!

Instant Gratification:


Collecting feedback as soon as possible (when appropriate), is very beneficial, as you get better information when it is fresh in the memory of the respondent. 



Simplicity is a virtue!


Doesn't your heart sink when you are asked to complete a lengthy feedback form, with loads of questions and options.? Let’s face it – nobody has the time! Design your questions with brevity and ask just what you need to ask. That way, clients won’t mind spending a couple of minutes helping you.


Panacea feedback forms are pretty simple (and they can be customised to reflect your needs). Click here to take a sneak peek.



Make sense out of data


Surely, feedback information must be easy to extract, simple understand and of value to you. As with the feedback collection process, the analysis of data must be simple too. As far as possible, ensure that your software system can generate quick and accurate management reporting data. For instance, Bolton Council analysed their client feedback from Panacea in the following manner:

To summarise, Feedback could be a wonderful source of improvement of your products/services as well as a great Sales tool! Needless to say, feedback is best when you obtain it while it is still fresh in the mind of your clients, and elicit it with no extra effort. 

If you need simple and fully automated feedback solutions, do not hesitate to give us a shout on 02079760116 or drop us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as we can!