Haringey council has a fresh, new look

Haringey council has just launched its rebranding campaign – full of colour, energy, and a playful spirit. The changes range from the big to the small: from a whole new logo to a well-thought out font. With every change, it’s clear that they have listened to the community and want to represent it as best they can.



It’s a new branding for a new generation; it’s urban, it’s fun, it’s edgy. The colours, logo, font and rethink of photography show this best. The sharp corners of the logo and coloured tape as a graphic device are, literally, edgy. In their words, the latter “can be used to add movement, energy and colour”. And this is precisely what the whole rebranding does. Even changes in the tone of voice have monumental effects – an organisation that uses a positive, active and authentic voice in the way that they are about to do is more of a rarity than you’d think.


Most importantly, they list one of their values as “Unity and togetherness that transcends the boundaries of our individual neighbourhoods”. For this reason, they refer to themselves as representing ‘Haringey’, rather than ‘The Council’. This approach is very welcome and is one that should be relevant to most Boroughs, diverse as they all are.


Haringey – “It’s an attitude, not a place.”