IAM RoadSmart - Geared up and raring to go!

Being Britain’s leading independent road safety charity and having rich experience of 60 years in this field hasn't made the IAM Group complacent. Rather, they've stayed on top of all the technological advancements in their domain!

Driving standards change constantly, and needless to say, organizations like the IAM modernise their content and courses to keep pace with this.

Equally important however, is the making both content and their brand attractive to newer members and a diverse audience (which by the way, could range from wannabe-drivers like me, to near-Formula 1-racers like some of my colleagues)!

This is just what the IAM has done - a massive branding exercise to a unified ‘RoadSmart’ brand which is suitably is backed by lots of modern, short courses, modular sessions, free tasters and of course, a very active social media presence.

e’re sure, that while IAM’s rich history continues to appeal to their 90000-strong member group, their vibrant, new ‘RoadSmart’ is all geared up to attract newer members, and meet the expectations of a diverse and tech-savvy audience!

So here’s a big shout out for @IAMRoadSmart from everyone at @PanaceaSoftware