Tackling Budget Cuts

“Remember that time is money.” – Benjamin Franklyn

Budget cuts are a regular feature of the news; daily, businesses and organisations are struggling; and we are put under more and more pressure to increase productivity whilst reducing costs. What can we, as growing businesses do to beat the stress and strain of today’s economy and provide our customers with the best possible service? How will paying for our software save you money?

    Many of our current clients are local authorities and councils, who have felt the sting of cuts and budget changes. In the chancellor’s budget that was revealed last month, Osborne revealed the increasing deficit reductions making up £37bn, whilst the departmental spending cuts have not yet been publicised we can gauge the rise in pressure councils are about to feel. But where does Panacea come in?

Councils are understaffed and underfunded, yet have augmented workloads. Panacea provides an easy way to manage printing, designing, and translation and interpreting jobs freeing up employees to do the important jobs. The council can save money by not having to employ more people to do trivial jobs and instead employ those who can focus on clients and improving the local area. This could also help to reduce the estimated rise in council charges, saving the average citizen money.

    We’re not all councillors, and although their work impacts everyone living here, we may feel that there are other priorities. A concern on the fore-front of many people’s minds is that of the NHS. Almost unrecognisable to what Bevan set up in 1948, the NHS has evolved with the demands of our nation, but is struggling under the burdens of our growing and aging population. Doctors are increasingly pressurised and short of time, sometimes to the detriment of patients’ treatment. Whilst the computer remains a vital help to care, it can become a barrier as patients become facts and figures rather than humans. Panacea is an example of how technology can continue to enhance, not diminish treatment. Doctors and other medical staff can save time on admin issues and instead focus completely on the patient.

    For those who don’t work in the public sector, Panacea is still here to help. Although we’ve thankfully seen a rise in funding from the UK government to small businesses. The Financial Times have predicted that lending, by banks, will decrease. As a result, smaller businesses will also be feeling the pinch. Panacea can act as a great value employee by saving you time on design. It also ensures there is a trail of work, thus keeping you protected. The savings may start off small, but they will grow, as they say “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves” (not that you’ll start off by saving pennies!)

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