Welcoming the LGA to the Panacea family!

We’d like to welcome the LGA (Local Government Association) to the Panacea family. We're really excited to be working with them!


You probably already know – (but in case you didn't) - the LGA is a large membership organization that works on behalf of local government to ensure their voice is heard on issues that matter to them. Incredibly, they have 414 councils on board (including English and Welsh councils) as well as fire authorities and other national parks. It won’t be difficult to spot them as a well-regarded authority on public sector they do a lot of activity in the media (printed, radio and television).


Like a lot of our other clients, the LGA will be using Panacea’s online software to manage their design and print workflow and requirements. We’re looking forward to them using a host of Panacea features like the online client Ordering System (which will help clients self-serve using a customised catalogue), online Quotations, automated Cost Estimating and so much more.


The LGA makes a real difference to various councils and local communities, and we hope we will make a difference to the LGA by making their processes and systems more efficient and productive. Here's to helping them!