Camden Council’s new Dynamic Purchasing System

Procurement markets and the way organizations manage contracts are constantly evolving. A lot of organizations are moving to more online solutions, which are more efficient, competitive and transparent. Dynamic Purchasing System is one such procurement tool which is fast gaining popularity.

So what is a DPS?

In really simple terms, a DPS is like an electronic framework, where you as an organization, specify your requirements, and suppliers can apply, and be approved/removed at any time during the contract period.

As you can imagine, a DPS has huge benefits:

  • The council / organization is fully in control of the supplier selection criteria & approval process
  • Clearly-defined processes and streamlined workflows
  • Faster turnaround times (awarding contracts, fulfilling work, processing supplier invoices)
  • Competitive pool of suppliers who bid for work in a fair and transparent way
  • Saves a lot of administration time and improves margins / productivity

Now for the exciting bit - One of our valuable clients – Camden Council – has started a new dynamic framework for print services!

Camden have been using Panacea software since 2011, and have achieved striking results around their Productivity and Cost savings. Click here for their case study.

The council has gone live with the new Dynamic Purchasing System using Panacea software and will be using our software to manage their specifications, suppliers, projects, orders and a lot more!

Click here, if you’d like to know more about our 8 steps to set up and use a DPS on Panacea.

Alternatively, call us on 02079760116 if you’d like to speak to one of us about how we can help you get onto a dynamic procurement framework.