Too many emails? - Here are some tips

A lot of people deal with an overload of emails at work, whether it’s endless junk or continuous dialogue between various contacts, it sometimes just feels like you can never quite get on top of it.


Oddly enough, this can actually leave us dependent on emails, as we feel like we should always be checking them and, therefore, end up wasting significant amounts of time cruising through our cluttered inboxes. 


So we thought we would address the issue, for our benefit as much as yours.



• First things first – filter out the unnecessary. This means creating folders that recognise any junk sent your way, which you can then delete in whole chunks without even committing a glance to them. 


• Another technique is checking them periodically. So rather than scanning through every few minutes, just dedicate 5 minutes of every hour to checking if there is anything that needs addressing. Maybe even turn off any notifications to avoid ‘temptation’, if you dare. This will eradicate the to-and-froing between emails and important stuff, hopefully.


• Additionally, you can prioritise how you answer them – so by order of importance or if someone requires an urgent reply. This will at least mean you are acting on the relevant stuff first.


• Be efficient. Don’t look at an email, make a mental note to reply and then forget about it. Once you’ve looked at something, deal with it and move on. Or at least move it in a ‘drafts’ folder or something similar. Taking mental notes to do something isn’t advised when you’ve got a lot on your plate.


• And finally, delete and file them as you go. Don’t leave emails piling up for weeks or months or you’ll be left with a chaotic inbox that will take hours to organise!

So there you have it – the best way to take control of your emails. 


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