GDPR compliance – Managing assets e.g. photography, documents, videos

The new General Data Protection Regulations mean digital assets such as photography, documents and videos containing personal data, including people’s faces, will need:

  • To be controlled - this can be difficult if assets are kept on local drives throughout an organisation
  • Up to date and transparent permissions of use - this is not easy to track if permissions are not in a central place and unavailable to view across an organisation
  • To be tracked to ensure there is no breach in regulation by publishing or printing items which have expired permissions. This can be labour intensive without a clear audit trail
  • To be deleted/removed if asset owners withdraw consent - clear evidence of this needs to be demonstrated which again is difficult to confirm if assets are on local drives across an organisation

PANACEA SOFTWARE DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT MODULEstreamlines the asset management process and assists your organisation to be GDPR compliant. The module will support you to:

  • Control digital assets – these are kept in one place, together with consent details, for all to view/self-serve via an intuitive, user-friendly asset library according to the permissions set by Asset Managers
  • Set clear and transparent permissions of use - Asset Managers grant and restrict access by different users to specific assets on the library.  Availability dates and expiry dates prevent inadvertent use of assets outside permitted timescales
  • Track digital assets – clear and transparent audit trail
  • Manage digital assets – asset managers can set, up-date, monitor and control the use and access rights of your organisation’s digital assets

This translates into immediate and tangible efficiencies and cost savings while supporting ongoing compliance with data protection legislation..
Panacea Software offers FREE unlimited access for importers and asset library users.
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