Public Sector Communications in Today’s Economic Climate

Public Sector Communications in Today’s Economic Climate

Panacea, in partnership with the AHCM and LG Communications, carried out research into the impact of austerity measures on marketing, communications and patient engagement services. We wanted to evaluate the perceptions of individuals working for public sector communications teams, of financial challenges and the planned measures to tackle them. We also noted any significant changes in perceptions from last year. Our aim is to ensure we continue to provide tools to help teams meet the challenges effectively.

Tackling Budget Cuts

Tackling Budget Cuts

Budget cuts are a regular feature of the news; daily, businesses and organisations are struggling; and we are put under more and more pressure to increase productivity whilst reducing costs. What can we, as growing businesses do to beat the stress and strain of today’s economy and provide our customers with the best possible service? How will paying for our software save you money?

Less of the doom and gloom

With the prospect and impact of further budget cuts on Councils still hitting the headlines every day, let’s take a minute to salute those communications officers in councils around the country whose determination to find savings to help prop up beleaguered front line services is paying off.


Neil Wholey, Head of Research and Customer Insight, Westminster City Council and LGinsight Evaluation Lead for LGcommuncations found that while public sector communications teams are working hard to identify savings and efficiencies for their organisations, they just don’t have enough time to fulfil their work, reporting unplanned and reactive work as key concerns. However, despite sustaining more staffing cuts, the majority of those using Panacea Software have enough time to fulfil their work and spend less time fire-fighting or dealing with reactive, unplanned work – resulting in the impressive performance statistics they report in their case studies.

While the cost savings these public sector employees are finding make an impressive antidote to all the bad news about public sector spending, we are particularly pleased to note Wholey’s finding that 74% of public sector communications teams using Panacea Software are satisfied with their work – and so they should be!

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Of course, we recognise that it’s not just local government taking the strain, rather this is an encumbrance we all carry. The Cancer Drugs Fund in England, has been forced to cut funding for 16 different medicines, which are used in 23 various cancer treatments. This is just one instance in which we can see the burden facing NHS foundations who are under constant scrutiny to perform yet with reduced resources. They are pressured and try, to provide the best possible treatment for patients in their care, but this is becoming increasingly problematic. We will be doing further research in the forthcoming weeks to assess how this can change and what NHS trusts are doing to alleviate the mounting pressures.

What does ad blocking software mean for digital media?

What does ad blocking software mean for digital media?

The advent of ad blocking software is increasingly becoming a problem for digital media companies, and their revenues are suffering a large blow. Google, for example, has been predicted to have lost out on 10% of their revenue in 2014 due to ad blocking. This equates to $6.6 billion, which is a lot of money in anyone’s book - except perhaps Google’s. Although several billion for them is just lost change down the back of the sofa, the huge impact that ad blocking software has had already cannot be ignored.

Panacea Software helps the Public Sector to meet economic challenges

Our joint survey with LGcommunications found that the significant majority of public sector communications professionals had budgets cut last year, and 68% expect further budget cuts in the coming year.  Panacea Software users at the LGCommunications Academy this month spoke of the cost savings and efficiencies achieved using our software and this survey found that communications teams are 20% more likely to have sufficient time to fulfil their work if they use Panacea Software.Read more here: 'Are public sector communication teams running out of options to find financial savings?'

We are officially a 'Living Wage Employer'

What does this mean?

  •  We agree to an hourly rate set independently and updated annually.

  •  The Living Wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK.

  •  We choose to pay the Living Wage on a voluntary basis.

  •  The Living Wage enjoys cross party support, with public backing from the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

  •  Paying the Living Wage is good for our business, good for the individual and good for society.

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