Panacea Software

Panacea’s award-winning software provides complete solutions for project management, account management, asset management, brand control, procurement, Dynamic Purchasing System and purchase-to-pay. Whatever package you choose, Panacea Software delivers guaranteed time and cost savings. Simple to use, it makes users’ workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to change.


  • e-Catalogue, client portal: simple, secure access to services and supplies
  • Planning and scheduling: project management, work allocation and resource management
  • Collaboration: simple shared workflow for colleagues, clients and suppliers
  • Estimating and purchasing: instant competitive quotes, mini-tenders, budgeting, client estimates
  • Dynamic Purchasing System; PQQ; Tender management and supplier management
  • Contact relationship management: colleagues, authorisers, clients, suppliers
  • Purchase-to-pay: estimate, order, deliver, goods receipt notification, e-invoice
  • Real-time management reporting, benchmarking and performance monitoring
  • Integration, interface with finance systems, invoicing, charging and supplier payment
  • Brand management: Asset management; Artwork templates for print, digital media


  • Save time with effective planning, workflow, administration and transactional processes
  • Make cashable cost savings with highly competitive automated supplier estimating
  • Increase productivity through supported self-service options, efficient planning and time management
  • Avoid duplication of effort, share assets, with intuitive collaboration features
  • Evaluate tenders and suppliers for Dynamic Purchasing System, Framework
  • Generate income and increase operating margins on your services
  • Brand management with asset management, bespoke artwork and digital templates
  • Track use of service and monitor performance against KPIs
  • Improve reputation and service delivery with intuitive and efficient workflow
  • Support remote working with 24 hour access for all users