Purchase to Pay

Secure software to streamline all your processes and cut out time-consuming administrative tasks

Whether you are a growing business or a global enterprise, Panacea Software provides powerful purchase-to-pay functionality, which gives financial protection, and creates an efficient system, which saves time for all parties.  The software’s secure, clear and collaborative workflow streamlines the end-to-end purchase to payment process and eliminates unnecessary queries and administrative tasks. Use Panacea to create a simple and efficient paperless system, which is fully compliant with the stringent requirements of our public sector clients.


The software captures account codes, approvals, authorisation and goods receipt notifications as required, and  automatically matches invoices to purchase requisitions to prevent overpayment. Tailored batch files capture all the data you need to upload to your finance system for payment and analysis.

  • Collaborative working:

Secure, restricted access to Panacea Software allows all parties to fulfil their side of the process.

  • Colleagues or clients:

    • Place orders

    • Request quotes

    • Calculate estimates for standard services or materials

    • Confirm goods receipt

    • Specify budget/account codes

    • Review and monitor their own activity and purchases

  • Budget holders:

    • Authorise orders and account codes


  • Estimate, order, deliver, goods receipt notification, e-invoice
  • e-Catalogue, client portal: simple, secure access to services and supplies
  • Access to instant competitive quotes, mini-tenders, budgeting and client estimates
  • Simple client interface to facilitate client self-service and online order management
  • Manage contracts: approved suppliers sent purchase orders; budgets control expenditure
  • Online invoice submission, automatic VAT checking and inbuilt system validation
  • Interface with finance systems, invoicing, charging and supplier payment
  • Real-time management reporting, benchmarking and performance monitoring
  • Secure, restricted access for all parties to fulfil tasks


  • Accurately capture account codes, approvals, authorisation and goods receipt notifications
  • Improve reputation and service delivery with intuitive and efficient workflow
  • Increase productivity through supported self-service options, efficient planning and time management
  • Streamline the end-to-end Purchase-to-Payment process and eliminate repetitive administrative tasks
  • Generate income and increase operating margins on your services
  • Prevent overpayment by automatically matching invoices to purchase requisitions
  • Track use of service and monitor performance against KPIs
  • Make cashable cost savings with highly competitive automated supplier estimating
  • Avoid duplication of effort and share assets with intuitive collaboration features
  • Support remote working with 24 hour access for all users