Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Why did you choose Panacea?

We identified that we needed a piece of software to actually encompass all of the print works that we do. So we needed a software that could actually print procure and also act as an internal software so it could act as an actual supplier. So that all our print works were included in one piece of software.

How was the set-up?

Implementation was fantastic. Assistance with communications with the supply chain was second to none I would say. It took all of the hassle and worry out. Panacea acted as a go between to actually inform our suppliers of what we were doing and how we were going to start procuring our print in the future.

Testing was fantastic. We set up pretty quickly literally within a couple of weeks things were up and running. We had an actual interface that was tailored to our look, so overall it was very good.

Using Panacea

Secondly, the actual ease of it. It’s very easy for clients, sometimes people can get very daunted by software. Customers can literally just submit a request as if they are sending an email, so there’s no learning curve there at all. In print, I would say that on 90% of the jobs that we procure – I could train someone within 24 hours how to order it, as long as you’ve got a set supplier and know what paper stocks you’re to use. It’s very very simple to generate costs and get an order off to a print supplier.

The benefits

I think the immediate benefits were the cost reduction in print procurement. We saved on average about 20% on every job. And also the fact that we were using a very old database for our internal print procurement, so we captured all the print works and all the costings for our internal works.

It’s the speed at which operators can actually log jobs on and capture the information regarding the job, it also benefits our clients who can order jobs directly. It also saves us a lot of resourcing at that point, so it’s a great benefit for us.

Luton Borough Council

Why did you choose Panacea?

The current contract came to an end and I was fortunate enough to be tupe’d over and to pick up the pieces of having no internal print management software. I was given three or four options and Panacea decided to tick all the boxes, from an end user perspective all the way through to print buyer and production.

How did you find setting up Panacea?

Very easy. It was quite interesting and new to start with obviously because it’s a new software but with the help of Panacea and yourselves, guiding us from start to finish and ongoing, it was a painless process. 

What do you like about Panacea?

Usability, cost savings, the ability to think forward in terms of future investment, so the standard software that comes as the beginning package did everything that we needed it to do and as time went on in terms of development we managed to add a few things we needed it to do and going forward I think we’ll end up doing a little bit more with it. Unexpected benefits? To start with it was a… well, the main point was being able to use it by myself to organise the whole of the council, basically, it was print and design function. So with me just as one person starting it off if it wasn’t user friendly from all aspects of the software I would never been able to do it.

What is in the future?

I think Panacea will be a key part to enabling us to build and provide an internal design and print service that will allow us to cost-save, monitor, run reports, on the amount of work that we do, how much savings we do, from corporate level. Also the usability from end user point of view, and start to enable us to think about digital asset management, going forward not for just buying print and design but maybe other products that other services where the council currently is. As we’ve started with just myself and two other people I think that we have an opportunity now to grow and employ another account manager. We are in the process of looking at externally trading the service to other local government authorities and we wouldn’t have been able to do that without first having Panacea as a, should we say, a new partner, so I’d like to think that in the next 12 months will be able to do a few more nice internal pieces of software development and save money on the long run as well.

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

What made you choose Panacea?

We were setting up a shared service with our neighbouring council and realised that we had some quite complicated business processes that we weren’t able to manage easily. We were working with lots of bits of paper and thought we just needed a better system. I had heard about Panacea and had colleagues who worked at other councils using it, so I had a look and it seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

How have you found working with Panacea?

What I really like about Panacea, and why we have continued to use it, is that they have been very flexible in adapting to our changing needs. So as we’ve developed the shared serviced with our neighbouring borough we have developed different ways of working and the team at Panacea have been very helpful in changing how it works and adapting reports so that they work for us and the way that we input jobs into the system. They’ve been very supportive and helpful.

What are the benefits of using Panacea?

Well I think it’s very good value for money. Without Panacea we’d be looking at employing at least one other person just to do all the business processing that Panacea does for us, so in relation to that there’s an upfront saving. It also makes our systems much easier to use. We get jobs done more quickly and dealing with customer enquiries is much more efficient because we just look up all the information both in terms of how we process the job but we can also see the artwork and everything that is connected with that job very easily. So that saves us a lot of time in terms of turning jobs around. And time is money, so the financial savings are one of the main reasons we use Panacea.